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I am

Your voice 

Reyansh’s love life could be summed up in one sentence – marriages are made in heaven, but consummated on earth, by parents. As a start-up owner and a dutiful son, Reyansh tried balancing his parents’ wishes against his desires for his future life partner through a series of bride hunting misadventures. However, before Reyansh could find a life partner, his start-up collapsed, thanks to the cheat games played by the competition.

In the moment of distress, Reyansh realized that he wants to spend his entire life with the beautiful Kiara. As fate would have it, her mother was certain that a failing entrepreneur was not the rightful suitor for Kiara, whose future was definitely much brighter. Hardened by his experiences, Reyansh did something unbelievable – he created a web of deceit to get Kiara.

​Will Reyansh beat the competition with his value system or succumb to the cunning business games? Will he get entangled in his self-created web never to get Kiara again? With interesting and quirky twists and turns, “I Am Your Voice” takes you through a roller coaster ride of laughter and heartfelt emotions.

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