Sanjay K Shukla’s

Nobody Dies

A Virgin 

What are you guys going to cherish after five years? The mundane thesis work, or working on an idea that no one has ever succeeded in?’ His utterings sound persuasive but illogical; the stuff dreams are made of. Tapan and Harsh put their careers on the line. Will his passion make stars out of them or will it take them all down? Or just some of them?

It all starts with Aadi stepping into IIT Cawnpore for his post-graduation. He goes on to master a challenge as old as the age of the human flight. He beats the researchers all across the world. But he is yet not done fighting. Bruised egos, heated discussions and red tape, he needs to fight them all. And then there is the lady in red, a whiff of fresh air.

I value my friends more than my dreams and that’s the reason I am ready to trade my biggest achievement of the past two years.’ Would Aadi trade his sweat and blood for his morals? Will world know Aadi as a discoverer or will his story be lost in the ashes of time?

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